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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Science Fair for April 14th - 20th

It's Sunday, and it's Science Fair time! And next Sunday is my birthday (woooo!), so I will have a special announcement for everybody!

- I've been in the market for a new deoderant lately (ready to try something new!), so I was glad to get the warning from The Non-Blonde on what NOT to buy. Mmmm, pudding-scented armpits. Oh, wait, no.

- Here's a job I might like to have: studying the mating habits of octopus. Mostly because I would spend a year either snorkeling or walking along reefs on a tropical island.

- Everyone knows I like covers a lot, right? Well, I do. And so II was glad to find this NPR blog post on the best covers ever. (Speaking of NPR blogs, did you know that Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney has one? Awesome.)

- Hooray for DIY solutions to designer styles! LuxeNoir's would-be Givenchy necklace is incredibly creative and very, very cool. (Five meters of gold chain is not enough!)

- Are you participating in the iCiNG Transformation Challenge? I am! I'm going to be working out at the gym more and, in addition, hooping! Yeah, I'm getting a big stripey hoop and it will be awesome.

- Here's a neat list of fragrances listed by celebrity -- who smells like what? (There's also a great corresponding post by Invisible Magnet.)

- Finally, you have probably already seen the May Vogue Superheroes photoshoot featuring Coco Rocha, but it is pretty darn cool if you haven't seen it yet (and even if you have). My favorite is Catwoman with her Louboutin-for-Rodarte heels.

Have a great week!

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