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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Science Fair for April 21st-27th

In my job, I do a lot of news monitoring of conflict and weapons-related issues. I come across a lot of material that it not only upsetting, but rather tragic. Apart from those, there is a certain cohort of news stories and links that are amusing and informative. So, in the spirit of sharing, I present to you a rather bellicose festival of links entirely unrelated to Jeanne's birthday! Happy birthday anyway, Miss Jeanne!

-More convicted felons and petty criminals are being allowed to join the U.S. Armed Forces. This story has been all over the news lately - I find it both fascinating and depressing for the future of our military.

-From The Onion, possibly one of my most favorite stories they've ever made up - a new chemical gas causing a distinct feeling of ennui! I love it.

-Ladies, ladies, ladies, come and get your guns! The NRA wants to create a whole generation of Annie Oakleys and encourage sporting use of firearms. I don't know about that. What do you think?

-"Apart from the smell, the only indications that you're standing in a room full of drugs are the large bongs in the entryway."

And now for something a little more light-hearted from the BAFTA red carpet! Check out Keeley Hawes and Tamsin Outhwaite!
Has anyone else been watching the first seasons of The Fixer and Ashes to Ashes? I thought Tamsin Outhwaite was pretty good in the delightfully dishy Hotel Babylon, the lady can certainly rock a suit and heels. If you are a fan of action-y shoot-'em-ups like I am, you'll enjoy her new show on ITV, The Fixer.

-Speaking of women, this is big news for those of you who remember, or know, the thalidomide babies phenomenon: thalidomide is back on the market, now to treat cancer symptoms.

-But there's good news out of the UK, you can go get your fertility treatments AND a sandwich soon, ladies! Go have some IVF and a coffee during your lunchbreak.

For the more dainty among us, a little high tea-themed section for a beautiful, sunny Sunday (which I hope it was somewhere in the world).
-Why flowers have lost their scent: Is it related to the bees disappearing?

-Imagine a teaspoonless future, with self-stirring coffee and agricultural by-product cake plates.

-Pranksters plant a yard full of plastic forks while the victims are away on their honeymoon. Better than TPing their house, for sure!

Have a great week, everyone, I'm going to keep on trucking in the dismal April showers we're experiencing in NYC right now!

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