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Monday, April 28, 2008

It's my party and I'll Give Stuff Away if I want to!

Updated 5/1: I've extended this out to next Friday, May 9! Thank you so much to everyone who's entered so far!!

(Excuse me while I borrow Kati's tiara.)

Happy birthday to me!! My birthday wish? For you to please go vote in the mascara poll -- we've still got a couple of days left before I go buy myself some brand-new mascara and face three straight months of SCIENCE. (Updated 5/1: The next mascara test subject is L'Oreal Voluminous with 50% of the votes! Thanks for voting!)

I've been planning on doing a blog giveaway for a while, and it occurred to me around, oh, January? that I should do it for my birthday. I figured it was a nice deadline that I couldn't forget, and even though it's not the blog's birthday, a Blog Birthday Present package would be an awesome thing to put together and give out to a reader. Yay! Unfortunately, it will not be booze. (But if you are over 21 and in the San Francisco area/I am visiting your area, I will totally treat you to a drink some time if you are a reader!)

So I've been gathering things while I've been purchasing them for myself, and I've put together a package that has some of the blogosphere's favorite things, including lots that we love here at Periodic Style. All of these are brand-new and unopened in package unless otherwise mentioned, and all are personally purchased by me (with the exception of the samples, which came free! with things I personally purchased).

Thus! Here we go! THE GOODS.

- LUSH "Ghost" body wash is limited edition from last fall; I've been hanging onto this one for some time! It's shimmery white and smells like lilies -- I've got a bottle for myself and I'm a fan.
- MAC Eyeshadow in "Parrot" has been legendary for years, and when it was re-released with the Originals collection this past December, I picked up an extra one "for the blog". Kati's also referenced this lovely shadow in her colored smoky eye post. Definitely a rockstar.
- MAC Kohl Power Pencil in "Feline" was my number one pick for black liner way back in October; they have since all disappeared from MACCosmetics.com. Sad! I love this pencil. I think you will too.
- Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes World Tour in "Peach Mochi" is a sheer sweet pink with a lovely design on it. I mean, come on, you guys, you name any beauty product anything related to Japan and I'm going to pick it up, right? Also, mochi is delicious. As are Juicy Tubes.
- Hard Candy nail polish in "Sky" made Blogdorf Goodman's Beauty Cult Icon list along with Parrot this past March; I was inspired to pick it up again since yeah, I totally wore pale blue nail polish many a year ago. I wore this on my nails when the weather was lookin' springy a while back. This one certainly's nostalgic for me.
- The Hard Candy "Workout Mix" may not be a mix tape made by Kati, but it is a cute little palette of neutral colors. (I don't really wear make-up to the gym, but you might?)
- Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon in "Arabian Nights"... yeah, I'm not proud of having stalked two separate Longs Drugs for this collection, but I did all of the legwork for someone who's getting this very cool and very desired nail polish.
- I have three Demeter cologne splashes in "Chamomile", "Daphne", and "Cherry Blossom". All of these have been opened once to sniff, and, in the case of "Daphne", tested for the daphne perfume comparison. The winner gets to choose which one they'd prefer!
- I have a ton of samples that I've been hanging onto, and so I'll be throwing some of these into the package as well. These include Product Body samples -- remember, it was a sample I sent to Kati that got Crush on You on our 2007 Faves list. I also have a gazillion perfume and such samples from Sephora and Beauty.com and so forth, so if you're the winner, I'll email you with a full list and you can pick and choose what you do or don't want.
- Finally, Winner's Choice. I will pick something out and buy it specifically for the winner. I'm going to limit this to (hopefully?) $20 or under, but I'd prefer if it's, you know, less than that, so "your favorite Chanel perfume" and such is off the list. It can be something like "Jeanne's favorite red nail polish" or "best polish for summer toes" or "the coolest hair clips you find at Maker Faire's Bazaar Bizarre" or "something delicious, hilarious, or both". Things like "I don't have pierced ears" and "I'm allergic to chocolate" (in both situations, I'm really sorry) are also useful.

So how do you enter? You need to comment to this post with what you'd want me to pick up for you if you are the winner (if you don't and you win, I will pick something for you!). For an extra entry, you can also tell us what one of your favorite Periodic Style posts from the archives is (doesn't have to be written by me, Science Fairs and Total Beauty round-ups don't count!). I will put the names in a hat and draw the winner before witnesses.

I'm going to pick a winner at 4:30 PM PACIFIC THIS NEXT FRIDAY (MAY 2 9), because I'm going to Maker Faire on Saturday and so if I have to buy a Maker Faire goodie for the winner, I would like to know that before I go! (UPDATED 5/1: I'm going to go ahead and buy some Maker Faire goodies anyway!)

So again, leave a comment and you will be entered to win! I'm so excited to hear from you and share some of my favorite things!

image from periodicstyle.blogspot.com


Susan said...

My birthday was last week! It's a good time for birthdays.

Happy birthday!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday! I hope that your birthday was great! I love giveaways. But the anticipation always gets me. lol As for what I would like if I won, I love key necklaces. If you find of of those or just any necklace you think looks cute, I would love that. :D And my favorite post would have to be the post from this January about headbands. 'Side parts and alice bands' was a great post and it mentioned 'Gossip Girl'. What's not to love? :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Anyway, if I win, I'd like a quirky necklace for summer that had personality. It can be your personality =D.

My favorite blog post was "Colored Tights." I don't know about you, but I practically LIVED in tights this past winter. They're so versatile!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, fellow Taurus!

As for favorite post, does the Rock Band one count? (It post dates this, and yet... BEST TOPIC EVER).

If I won, something with... owls on it. Like, even if it's a tube of lipstick with owls printed on the lid.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! If I won I'd want a bright purple nail polish for summer - it's my fave colour and apparently really hot this summer! :)

As for my fave post, I have to say sephora university bare escentuals one, just cause I've never attended a sephora thing and i use bare escentuals foundation!

Sophia said...

just discovered your blog via galadarling! it's my birthday month now, the big 2-5! am getting lots of good ideas for my birthday wishlist here! now I must procrastinate and read the archives...

Older said...

Happy Birthday!! I so love reading what other people favorites are to wear, so the fact that you bought one extra of things "for the blog" is great! What a great way for others to enjoy the things you love.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

Hello! wow, what a great giveaway!

If I won, I'd like a nice gell eyeliner in brownish black, because i've heard so many good things about it and i haven't yet had the chance to try it out myself.

So my favorite post came froma while back when I had just finished reading the Harry Potter series and I was sooooo sad that it was finally over, and you reccommended so many books that gave me hope in the world once more! Thank you for that and thank you for making this giveaway available! I love your blog!

Kandice said...


First of all, Happy Birthday! Hope it's great!

Second, I would love to win anything with leopard print...whatever you would happen to think is fun and cute!

Finally, my favorite posts so far were The Great Mascara Experiments because I am on a continuous quest for the perfect mascara and your information has proved to be very useful!

Have fun at the Faire!

chelsea said...

Happy Birthday!! hope you had a great birthday weekend, you sassy Taurus.

if I won, I would have to say... the perfect matte gray nail polish. I'm on a quest, & nothing has worked yet... everything is too shimmery or pale or dark... but I know it's out there.

my favorite post so far was the Top Ten Basics.. I travel a lot & am always looking for things I can wear all over, over & over again, in different ways.

blackberry said...

Thank you, and nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and love the blog! If picked, I'd ask for a perfect sheer or matte red lipstick. I'm really olive, and it's hard to get the right glam red.

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday!

Kelsey said...

Happy belated bday :) I hope it was wonderful! If I won, I would have to say..hmm.. anything in a bright neon color! I love bold colors, but only own maybe 2 bold eyeshadows.
I absolutely love "Spring Trends: Colored Smoky Eye". I'm using it as an inspiration for my eye makeup this Friday when I go to a birthday party. :D

tinagirl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My 43rd was May 1st. In honor of my advanced age, I would like something to prevent wrinkles. Oh hell,forget it! I'd rather have a beautiful shade of pink lipstick to celebrate! Thanks.

Sydney Cattrell said...

If I'm lucky enough to win I'd like some cool silvertone earrings.Any style will suit me.

My favorite post was "Saving Up This Spring" because I also have a shopping addiction and am frequently broke. Thanks so much!

zoe said...

I love this blog and I especially loved the post Gym,Rats! I seem to run into the same strange people at my gym.
Speaking of strange,I seem to be addicted to body washes. Even though I have lots, I would like another if I win.

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