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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Science Fair for March 31st-April 6th

-To commemorate his recent visit to NYC, here's a story on Pope Benedict XVI rejecting designs for new liturgy vestments. Can you tell I don't really know a lot about Catholicism? I do enjoy religious symbolism in art, however, so this is pretty interesting.

-A South Korean cosmetics company was forced to drop Nazi-themed advertisement due to protests from the Israeli embassy in Seoul, amongst others. I get the East-meets-West idea, but really? Nazism and Korean beauty is not the very first combination that comes to mind.

-Our homegirl Miss Manners totally schools Anna Wintour in a typically composed yet delightfully snarky way. I love you, Miss Manners, and wouldn't it be amazing to be your personal assistant?

-NASA manages to crush space-filled dreams of German teenager. NASA, you don't have a premium on genius, let the plebeians win sometimes!

-She's A Betty shares a skull tee versus skull tee challenge with us: fight! In related news, market analysts predict that our perennial resource for cheap tank tops, amongst other famous brands and corporations of the late 20th century, will be gone by 2010.

-CMJ posted a link to download one of my favorite tracks off of The Submarines' new album, Honeysuckle Weeks. I listen to "You, Me & the Bourgeoisie" while commuting on the bus, it's strangely appropriate for the Upper East Side, Midtown and the office-working life in general. Enjoy!

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