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Friday, May 02, 2008

Maker Faire '08!

Woo! Tomorrow (and Sunday!) is Maker Faire! I am super-excited to be going again this year, after having a really fun and inspiring time last year. This year I'm participating in Swap-o-ramarama, which should be awesome. (And yes, this year I will actually take pictures!)

If you see me around, come say hi! I'll be wearing this awesome Electropop Star Pendant from Zlanarama.com. And, uh, if you're looking for a brunette... well. Don't look for a brunette. S'all I'm saying. (More on this after the weekend.)

Here are some of the other bloggers writing about/planning to go to Maker Faire that I've seen around my Bloglines:

- sfgirlbybay will be there!
- tricia of bits and bobbins may be there, after speaking about wardrobe remix last year! (Some day, when I have a new camera/new living space/organized wardrobe for remixing, I will participate. Some day.)
- Charming Sam will be there selling her gorgeous jewelry!
- Modish isn't coming this year (I don't think -- she just had a big move!), but she loved it last year and highly recommends it (as do I!).
- As Coquette is a senior editor at Craft Magazine, she'll be there!

Anybody else planning on coming?

Woo! Maker Faire! (Imagine me throwing my arms up in the air a la Steve Holt.)

image from zlanarama.com

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