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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Science Fair for May 5th - 11th

Surprise! I am actually away from my computer today, as it is Mother's Day and I'm spending time with my mom and my grandma. The internet is magic! So here are some cool things that I've found for you to check out.

- Ever want a wedding dress... when you're not getting married? Why not wear it for a month and document it on your blog? It's a really interesting experiment and a really neat blog. Check it out.

- We love Polyvore here at Periodic Style, and there'll be more Polyvore posts to come! So, in case you're in need of a better intro to Polyvore, check out IFBU's interview with Polyvore.

- Maker Faire was THE place to be last weekend (as evidenced by all of the traffic!), and so of course Fashioni.st was there. I saw many of these stylish peeps walking around -- steampunk style was everywhere, and it was amazing.

- In more SF Fashion and interview-y news, SF Indie Fashion talks with Smashing Darling, which is new to me! I'll be checking their stuff out more closely now...

- Have you read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight? Then you'll want to check out the trailer for the film version (sorry to point you to MySpace, but that's where it is...). That's Robert Pattison, the adorable Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as Edward. (I think I'll be waiting for this one to come out on DVD so I can see it with Kati. And margaritas.)

Have a great week!

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