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Thursday, May 29, 2008

More cute cheap summer dresses and skirts!

I love it when Kati picks out cute dresses for summer and spring, so I thought I would add to the list some of the dresses -- and skirts! -- I've been finding lately. Like Kati's post, everything here is under $50... and some of them are even on sale!

First, from Modcloth.com, there's the Secret Garden Shirt Dress. I'm always hunting for a great shirt dress, and this is a super-cute one with an almost peacock-feather print. I'm a little concerned that it only comes in one size, since we don't, but I think it's super cute. $49.99 at Modcloth (so it just squeaks under the $50 mark).

Secondly, also from Modcloth, we have the Blueberry Tea Dress. I love summer dresses, but I don't feel comfortable wearing strapless, halter, or thinly-strapped dresses to the office. So this provides enough coverage in the bust to make me feel like it's more safe. Plus the colors are awesome (and totally Kati's style), and it's jersey, which makes it comfy. $44.99 at Modcloth.

This Tuesday, Emily at EmilyStyle pointed to the Brooklyn Industries sale, which reminded me of how much I like my bag and coat that I bought in Brooklyn last year. So I went poking around their sale section and found this cute Visual Skirt in brown and purple. Unfortunately, since it's on sale, they're running out of some sizes! $39, down from $88, at Brooklyn Industries.

So yes, I'm from California. And I'm about 45 minutes from the beach. That said, I don't surf (it's cold out there!), but I definitely have a soft spot for PacSun, or Pacific Sunwear. They always have cute sporty/girly dresses and cover-ups that are great to throw on over your swimsuit and go from there. I particularly like the Billabong Frisco Dress, which is adorable and so, so summery. Maybe not for the office, but definitely for the beach or the pool. $44.50 at PacSun.

Finally, I'm trying to avoid just pointing to my regular online haunts (Urban Outfitters, American Apparel -- yeah, yeah, hipster much, Jeanne?), but the Kimchi & Blue outskirts mini is along the lines of those tiny Luella floral minis. (Okay, it's pretty much a rip-off of the tiny Luella floral minis.) I wouldn't recommend this for the office, probably, but it's cute for going out. You could even wear it as a cute ruffly tube top! This would also work as a quick bikini cover-up (as a skirt, not a tube top), I think. $29.99, down from $58, at Urban Outfitters.

As for me, I'll probably be stalking eBay for cute dresses (without winning/buying them), as is my usual method. But that Brooklyn Industries skirt sure is adorable, as is the Billabong dress...

What do you think? Where are your favorite places to look for cheap skirts and dresses? Are you ready for summer, now that Memorial Day's past?

images from modcloth.com, brooklynindustries.com, pacsun.com, and urbanoutfitters.com


Girl-Woman said...

Great prices and cute, cute!

Karen said...

I was just at the Brooklyn Industries store in SoHo here, and their stuff is SO CUTE, but here's the kicker--EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA. Am I just an idiot to assume that something called "Brooklyn Industries" might be made in the U.S.? Still, that skirt is adorable...

Kim said...
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Kim said...
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