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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BlogHer by the numbers

In lieu of an actual post, here are some of the numbers and "facts" from this past weekend at BlogHer.

- 5 days my fingernails went without chipping (!!!). Considering I came away with paper cuts and scuffs and bruises and nicks, I'm super-surprised and pleased by this turn of events. It's been over a week now and the chipping is still minimal. (The color, by the way, is China Glaze in "Tree Hugger", and I used Essie 3-Way Glaze as both base and top coat.)

- 4 pairs of shoes I packed.

- 2 pairs of shoes I wore.

- 0 shoes that were sneakers.

- 1 pair of silver earrings from WilloToons, worn every day.

- 10 hours spent in my hotel room over two nights.

- 2 out of my 6 Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils brought and worn (Lust and Covet; I also have Zero, Lucky, Dime, and Deviant).

- 1 new MAC mineralize eyeshadow (Fresh Green Mix -- it's awesome; my other recommendation would be Odd Couple, because it's close to my beloved Mercurial, which also came with me).

- Almost 20 hours my eyeliner and eyeshadow lasted on Friday -- from 3:30 am to when I took it off at 11 pm. Thank you, UDPP!

- Many awesome bloggers and women I met (and re-met), including Beka of ReLYME, Wendy of Glossed Over, Jamie of oh! how lovely, and, of course, Susan Wagner of many projects, including Beauty Hacks.

- 3 and a swig alcoholic beverages consumed, all on Saturday night, all very tasty and shared with great company.

- 1 giant red bow headband from Sweet Rococo, worn every day.

- 2 co-bloggers I wish had been there, even though I would have had little to no time with them.

- Less than 1 hour from being told I had Monday off to booking an appointment at Bliss San Francisco for a 75 minute Blissage.

- Countless blog posts I need to read, comment on, and, uh, write now that life is back to "normal"...

image from chinaglazediva.com


Jamie Lovely said...

It was great meeting you, Jeanne! I loved your nail polish and am glad you posted what kind it is, I need to check it out.

Beka said...

It was great to have met you! You're the best!

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