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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ooh La Wha? French manicures and how we do 'em

I realized yesterday as I was standing in front of the nail section in my local Longs that I've never given myself -- nor ever had -- a French manicure. (I've never had a French pedicure, either -- I like my toes fully covered in color; right now they're Dating a Royal and tomorrow they'll likely be Bermuda Shorts.) I've had a professional manicure all of twice, and both times I wanted full single-colored nails, not a French.

So I was alarmed when I couldn't find the nail tip sticker thingies on said nail wall. Sure, there were lots of press-on French manicure (and pedicure!) nails, but I just wanted the stickers. I'm planning on trying out a reverse French manicure in bright colors tonight, and so obviously I didn't want to do the white polish pen thing. And since my usual method of operation is "go for it and wipe the extra polish off your cuticles", I wanted the help of the stickers because I tend to go a little, uh, loose and free with the brush.

Luckily I found them -- on the bottom row, hidden behind some glue-on nail-bling. And they weren't even Sally Hansen, which I've got pictured there -- they were Nailene, which I couldn't find online. Why so hard to find, nail guides?

Is that we are a. getting so good at doing our own French manicures that stores don't stock the nail guides anymore b. relying heavily on things like the white polish pens and the press-on nails or c. going to get them done instead of doing them ourselves? While my instinct was to go get my nails done, I also ought to give myself the benefit of the doubt and go for it. And if I mess it up really badly, then I'll deal with that bridge when I get to it. (I am hoping I don't mess it up really badly, myself.)

What do you think the reason might be? Are you a French manicure/pedicure kind of person, and if so, how do you do yours? Am I weird for missing something I've never needed or used before until now?

Hopefully I'll have a picture of my successful manicure to show later...

image from sallyhansen.com


Delphine said...

good luck Jeannie, hope it goes well! I was just thinking about you when I saw these periodic rings. They're on kaboodle, super cute!!

I come by quite a bit but don't comment because I can't fill in my info, there's a way to do it with blogger, maybe you don't want that?


Beka said...

I plan to give myself a French manicure. Step one, however, is to stop biting my nails long enough to be able to give myself said French manicure!

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