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Friday, July 25, 2008

Out and About: July 26 and 27

So I'm not at Comic Con this year, which is fine, even if I'm peeking in every now and then at the Twitter search results to see what people are saying/seeing. (Besides, San Francisco gets APE in the fall -- definitely going to be there -- and WonderCon in the winter. It's okay.)

Anyway, this weekend has some fun San Francisco events located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. If you're not already familiar with Bottom of the Hill, it's a pretty cool venue; I've only been once (with Karen! and then we went to Denny's), but it's definitely been popping up more and more on my calendar, including this weekend. So I will be there.

Secondly, the Indie Mart won't be at 12 Galaxies this month, but is instead at Thee Parkside, another excellent space. (They've got delicious french fries -- trust me when I say that, for french fries is high on my list of Things Jeanne Loves Most, possibly even before cupcakes... even though there will also be cupcakes there.) Thee Parkside is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon anyway, so spending it with awesome vendors is a bonus. As Thee Parkside puts it, "The best in local designers, vintage, unique finds and more... Drink specials, cheap beer and BBQ!" I AM THERE.

What are your plans for your weekend? What's cool and exciting around your neighborhood?

1 comment:

Karen said...

Aw, Denny's...what a lazy night that was! "This is pretty lame. I'm hungry."

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