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Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's like waiting to grocery shop until you're starving.

Hello my lovely blogging friends! How is everyone? Did you miss my blogging while I was in the pit of despair (aka I can count on one hand the number of days I have had off each month for the past two, and I'm leaving for work in ten minutes for more overtime!)? I missed you all, and right now I miss Jeanne too, since she's off gallivanting at BlogHer, hopefully with some of you lovely readers too!

But I didn't come here to chat about how much overtime I've been working, no. I came here to discuss a far more serious issue.


Now I know that word strikes fear into the hearts of even the most confident girls, as well as the girls who have been working so much overtime that they've dropped a pants size. I hate bikini shopping so much that I have had my two bikinis for over three and five years, respectively. (you can see one of them above!) But there comes a time in every bloggers life when she has to bite the bullet and start looking for a new one.

That point for me came about two weeks ago, when the weather finally warmed up to around 80 degrees, instead of in the 60s where it was for most of June. Imagine my surprise when I went bikini shopping on one of my rare days off, and what did I find? A bunch of fall sweaters and clearance bikinis.

Now I'm generally okay with the weird seasons in retail, because after all, it doesn't really get that cold or hot where I am, so most of what's sold whenever can be worn whenever. But bikinis? On sale two weeks after school gets out, and stores crowded with back to school stuff when school doesn't start out here until September?

Something is wrong with this picture.

And now that I've added my two cents to our ad nausem discussion of the downfalls of retail, let's pick some cute ones off the sale rack, shall we? Because what's better than cute bikinis? Cute sale bikinis!

(For those of you that prefer a little more coverage, I'll be picking out some cute one-pieces and tankinis next week, stay tuned!)

Speaking of unseasonal things... this Cute Nautical Halter Bikini from Delias. is not one of them. There's something that always says Summer with a capital s about blue and white stripes to me.

Polka dot halter, also from Delias. I'm not entirely convinced on boyshorts for swimsuit bottoms-- I find they make most people's thighs look chunky-- but these look like a cute compromise between boyshorts and bikini bottoms. Plus, tiny little polka dots! So cute.

And then there's this ruffled suit from Victora's Secret. I would not personally wear this suit, since my D cups would look ridic under all those ruffles, but I think it would be adorable on one of my smaller busted friends, and it's actually interesting. Most bikinis are just the same old, same old, but I like occasionally taking risks, and a ruffled top is one.

And finally, Victoria's Secret has come out with a cute line of mix-and-match bikini stuff this year. If there's any place I trust to buy a well fitting swimsuit from, it's the place were I personally find the best fitting underwear. (...don't get all up on me, everyone, I know that it doesn't fit everyone perfectly. We are all about finding what works for you personally here.)

So! Where did you buy your bikini this year? Or did you forgo swimsuit shopping entirely since it's July and they're already on the clearance racks?

Image from periodicstyle.blogspot.com.


Karen said...

I love a great tankini--can't wait to see your ideas on those soon!

Agreed on the boy-short bikini bottoms...if you're a normal-sized, full-grown woman, your legs invariably end up looking like overstuffed sausage popping out of the casing. If you're a teensy little pre-teen, you look weirdly Lolita-esque and that is just inappropriate!

Susie Bubble said...

Bikinis and me just don't get along at all... despite your very handy shopping tips...

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