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Friday, July 11, 2008

Out and About: July 12th and 13th

So I don't have the Total Beauty Web Tour this week -- sorry if you were looking for it today! But today I do have something neat and possibly recurring (but not every week, of course) -- neat San Francisco events that I'll be checking out this weekend!

Tomorrow is the Mechanicrawl -- a 2.4 mile walk/bike/adventure along the San Francisco Bay, stopping at various attractions from the Musee Mecanique to the USS Pampanito submarine. Lots of cool things to check out, and it should be a good time! I've never been to the Musee Mecanique; I really wish I'd been around to visit Playland, the old amusement park in San Francisco that closed in 1972. (Maybe there will be a pit stop for It's Its on the Mechanicrawl...?)

Also tomorrow and Sunday is The Renegrade Craft Fair at Fort Mason! There are so many awesome vendors who'll be there, including Art School Dropout and her amazing Juxtapose necklaces, as well as Bathing in Luxury of the Great Deodorant Hunt! I'll be swinging by on Sunday to say hello and thank you to both of these rad ladies. (Plus, I have a gift certificate to Greens, which is also in Fort Mason, and is delicious.)

What are your plans for this coming weekend? I do have to say that a good part of my plan is to go to bed early tonight and sleep in as much as I can tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll be doing some work as well, but I'll definitely be spending some time out enjoying myself and letting off some steam.

Whatever you do, have a good weekend!

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