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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bright sneakers for summer

It's summer time, and so it's convention time! I've been going to various cons since 2000, and I've worn a lot of different shoes at them -- mostly heels, but sometimes flip-flops and lately sneakers. This summer, while I'm not going to Comic-Con (maybe next year?), I am going to be at BlogHer, and I'm going to be on my feet for most of the day, so I won't be busting out the heels. Comfy cute shoes ahoy!

I've already decided what I'm going to be wearing on my head (my Sweet Rococo headband) and my eyes and my nails (yeah, I couldn't sleep last night), but shoes I'm still thinking about. I want something comfy but cute and colorful... and not Converse. Sigh! And I don't really want them to look like shoes I would dash off to the gym in, either. I want a sleek, streamlined sneaker, because I don't like it when they're puffy and make my feet look big. (This is the major problem I have with my Sauconys.)

I've been thinking about the Adidas Gazelle 2, because it's definitely something I could and would wear. On the other side of the spectrum, because it makes me giggle, are the Puma First Round S, which look more like a boxing shoe and are pretty awesome in their brightness. However, I wouldn't really wear them on a regular basis, and for $90, that's a lot of money for a shoe that makes me giggle. (I also think my desire for brightly-colored high tops is because I've been seeing a lot of Sam Ronson lately, who I think is pretty adorable.)

Karen pointed me to PickYourShoes.com's selection of Nike Dunk shoes, which features some Liberty print Nikes like geometricsleep wrote about yesterday -- while I don't think they're exactly the same, they're still incredibly cute. While my first instinct is to dash for the navy, that's not what I was hoping for when I was thinking "bright and colorful". That would be more like the yellow, but I worry that they might be too clunky -- and at $100, will I really be wearing a pair of yellow and floral sneakers around a lot after BlogHer? ...Maybe!

What do you think? Do I go for the floral Nikes and roll with 'em, or do I stick to something a little more streamlined but maybe not as impressive like the Adidas? What would you pick, if you were in my boat? What sneakers are you rocking this summer?

image from zappos.com


laia. said...

thanks for linking ladies!
great blog.

Jeanne said...

Hi Laia! Thanks for stopping by! (I found your blog through Jezebel comments -- I lurk like crazy there.)

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