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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedging Out

Let's talk about appropriate shoes for summer. It's just about mid-July, and I own maybe two pairs of sandals, both are flimsy and as realized while dressing this morning, don't fit very well. Like Jeanne's fruitless search for summer dresses, it's a seasonal issue that affects us all, like having to look for new fall-winter boots that don't bunch up at the ankle but also don't make your legs look like they're stuck in two steampipes. I always have trouble finding seasonally appropriate shoes, so I end up wearing Converse or Keds flats all year long.

I have an irrational fear of stepping on a pebble, twisting my ankle, and falling down--just like that, in too-high wedges. I am somewhat of a tall-to-middling height girl, so my ideal wedge/sandal is something not too high, not too strappy, and with lots of support for my high arches. Is that too much to ask? I started thinking about espadrilles, classic, beach-ready, with a hint of the 'Why yes, I summer in Montmartre and winter in Aspen' vibe. A little perusal of the internet revealed several interesting options...what do you think? Try Googling "arch support espadrille wedge sandals" and tell me if you come up with anything better!

First up is the Kitta style from Oh! Shoes, a brand that purports to be orthopedically comfortable, stylish, sexy shoes--Photobucket
I like the navy-blue ribbon effect, the cushioning does look comfortable, and the rubber traction sole is a major plus for klutzes.
It still looks orthopedic to me, and no significant arch support to speak of! It's like a pale shadow of a true espadrille wedge--strong effort, Oh! Shoes, just not ideal.

Second, "Silvia" by ever-comfortable, super-cushioned shoe brand Born:Photobucket
Look at me! I am an adorable, candy-striping sailor ex-brownie troupe member who wears seersucker cropped pants and Blair Waldorf bows in my hair! Seriously though, I am digging the white canvas ribbon detail and the white rope-y low wedge. If only I wore more pink stripes and fewer black and white polka dots! (What am I saying, I happen to be wearing a pink and white striped button-down blouse today!)

Third is the "Sunny" espadrille by a mysterious brand called Comfortview, off of a site for plus-size ladies' clothing:
Talk about the perfect marriage between a functional flat and a summer espadrille! In stripes! With bows! My far-walking, kitten-heel-wearing nature is more drawn to these. I may not be plus-sized, I'm just glad to see someone makes cutesy little flats like these for the everywoman!

You know, call me crazy, I just don't believe in unduly suffering for fashion in the summer. Summer days are for enjoying the sun's warmth, walks on the beach, languid swims, and plenty of fresh fruit, lemonade and hot dogs. I don't want to have to worry about my heel getting caught on a subway platform, or have to stumble around in overly complicated strappy stiletto sandals! I want shoes I can walk a mile in, then kick them off on the beach and feel the sand between my toes.

What do you think, should I just suck it up and keep on keepin' on in my Keds, go for the delectable candy-striping mini wedges, or give up and get a pair of $5.99 rubber flip-flops?


Shirley said...

Wow!! Nice shoes!! I think, these are best for my new style of dresses...

Tessa said...

Couple summer off :P but digging through your archives...

I had the same problem at the beginning of the summer, and ended up running to Aldo's and picking up a pair of oxford flats with side-cutouts! (You can see them in my latest post here) Fresh enough for summer & will transition into fall nicely!

I also picked up some art deco-style metallic havianas flip flops from Rue La La for when I absolutely can't stand shoes. And only because they were $10 a pair!

All my old comfortable summer sandals came from China :P but on the flip side they tend to fall apart.

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