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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bringing it on back - Retro LUSH!

We are LUSH fans here, but at the same time, I feel like I've gotten onto the bandwagon a little late -- like there's been a whole bunch of stuff that I've missed and never knew how awesome it was. Meanwhile, the people who've been with LUSH for years have been mourning these awesome-but-not-forgotten things that completely missed my radar.

So it's been fun to see the Retro LUSH Town products popping up online -- look at the old labels! Look at all of the THINGS I never knew existed that I could try! It's enough to make my limited edition loving heart ache for things I... probably don't need. I still have so many regular-stock LUSH things that haven't been used (or used up), I don't need to add to the stash. And then there's the whole "I used it, I loved it, it's... gone forever. Dang." aspect of limited edition stuff, which I'm constantly bumping up against.

As an additional wrinkle, they're all only available online, which means I can't go sniff the shower gels (I really want Chai, but am concerned about it) or test out the perfume. (It's sixty bucks! I would at least like to try it once before I plunk down sixty bucks on a full bottle!) I've heard tell that there are some products appearing in brick-and-mortar stores, but they all say "online only", so I can't guarantee that.

It also looks like a lot of them are already out of stock, unfortunately -- snapped up by those who missed and loved them, I'm assuming! Still, I'm going to hesitate, peek into the Powell St. LUSH on Thursday (before I get my roots fixed), and see if there's anything old-school hanging around in there. (And, you know, browse around. Just a little.)

Still, it's pretty cool to poke around! Let me know if you wind up trying anything, or if any of your old favorites have returned... and are worth getting before they're gone (again!).

image from lush.com

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