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Monday, July 07, 2008

The Great Deodorant Hunt of Spring 2008

All right, everyone -- let's talk deodorant. It's summer, it's hot, and I'm running around like crazy, so deodorant's something that's on my, uh, mind.

This spring, I was running out of my usual deodorant, which is (was) Dove Radiant Silk. It was fine, but it was old and I wanted to try something new, preferably . Since both the Non-Blonde and Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog were testing out deodorants earlier, I was all for finding something new too.

First off I tried JASON deodorant in lavender. I like lavender, and I like using natural products... but, uh, I also like products that work. And this one didn't work for me.

I just want to clarify here that I don't smell bad. Just so you know (and so I can defend my honor). And I don't work out as often as I should, so most of these deodorants were tested just by a regular day of working around the office, walking to and from lunch (so maybe about ten minutes total), and I'd check in on them mid-afternoon.

I then decided I'd go with Dove Sensitive Skin, which is unscented. ...Yeaaaaah, that didn't go so well either.

I bought Radiant Silk again, but was still searching for something else. Luckily, I happened to go to the Mission Indie Mart in late April, and right inside the door was Bathing in Luxury selling handmade bath products... including deodorants. (You may also know Bathing in Luxury as Soap.Etsy.com!)

I was skeptical, but getting to talk to her about the deodorants and her promise that if it didn't work for me ("I have customers who are construction workers using them and they don't have any problems, so you'll probably be fine..."), I should definitely email her and let her know. After sniffing them and thinking about what I wanted, I decided to give Pink Sugar a try. It's based on the Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume... but I actually like the deodorant better than the official perfume! It must be something about the solid versus the spray and how the notes come forward. While it's not an anti-persperant (doesn't prevent sweating wetness), the scent lasts through the day and there's no, uh, "breakthrough" like the others I've tried.

Plus, as a bonus, there's no aluminum in it and it's not a powder -- it's closer to a gel -- so it doesn't leave white streaks on my clothes. Since it's kind of gel-like, it does take a little bit of time to dry, but if you're used to using gel, you probably already have your routine down.

I really like my Pink Sugar deodorant, but I'm also excited by the whole list of scents that're available -- Yuzu, one of my favorite scents/flavors (I actually got to eat an actual yuzu in Japan, which was awesome), is one of them, so that'll likely be my choice the next go-round.

...Is it kind of weird to be excited about deodorant? What do you find to be your favorite deodorant, or are you in the market? Are you particular about the products/brands you use, or will any old deodorant do?

image from soap.etsy.com


ifthisissightidratherbeblind said...

I recently started using a solid deoderant by Lush called Aromaco.

I almost always wear black but I have sensitive skin and the "no streaks" clear deoderants have a different active ingrediant in them to normal anti-perspirants and they always made me smell really bad! It was better not to wear any than wear that stuff.
Aromaco isn't anti-perspirant but it still stops wetness better than anything else I've used (I think it just absorbs the moisture instead) & it has witch-hazel, vinegar and bicarb in it so it neutralises smells.
And Lush doesn't use anything from any company that tests on animals at all :D

Jeanne said...

Hello hello!

Kati and I are both big Lush fans (we both love our Dream Cream and our Butterballs!), but I haven't had the courage to try their deodorants yet! I will definitely have to take another look next time I stop in. Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

I work in a non-profit business, and an a yoga teacher. Many of my days include both activities, with yoga in the morning and evening, and office work in between. For years I've sworn by the Mitchum women's gel formula, preferably in "spring" scent. I'm not a fan of scented deodorants because they usually clash with my favorite scent, but this one is unobtrusive and it really works! It's non-whitening and doesn't irritate my skin, even after shaving.

Jeanne said...

Hi Suzi!

I've heard good things about Mitchum, too! And if it can last through yoga and a day in the office, that's a good vote of confidence! And I understand about the scented deodorants and perfume-conflict too; I almost have to use them, though, because sometimes I'll be getting dressed and I'll forget if I've already put on my deodorant, so I have to stop and check. (Yes, I really do have the memory of a goldfish.)

Beth said...

I sweat by mitchum... for men! The unscented gel formula is the only thing that works to cut the stains and the stink!

Girl-Woman said...

Who knew you would get me all excited about deoderants! I am so easy! lol.

I guess I will get on the bandwagon and change brands.

Paz123 said...

Wow... too love deodorants & perfumes collections at AmeriMark.

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