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Monday, March 17, 2008

Last minute greens!

I've been there before: all of a sudden it's March 17th and you're not wearing green, and everyone thinks it's an awesome idea to tease and pinch you. Keep your hands to yourself, if you please!

Technically today's not St. Patrick's Day -- it was switched to this past Saturday, the 15th, but that doesn't stop the celebrating... and the enjoying of green! It's always a great color for spring, and this year's no different.

So if you didn't manage to snag something green when you were getting ready this morning, here are a few things you can do to avoid those pinchers. (Seriously, people, STOP PINCHING. IT'S NOT FUNNY.)

- Got time to paint your nails? All Lacquered Up has a fantastic round-up of green polishes. I was planning on painting my nails with Rescue Beauty Lounge's "Recycle" yesterday, but didn't manage to. (I've also got "Tree Hugger" in the mail!)

- Irish eyes are smiling when it comes to green eyeshadow and liner. I'm wearing Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in "Covet" today. Urban Decay has lots of fantastic shades of green, including "Graffiti", their bright green Deluxe eyeshadow (and now in Loose Pigment), and, if you're feeling super-fancy, they have Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in "Mullet", which is more of a lime green. If you need some more inspiration, Cory Kennedy's look for Urban Decay features both "Covet" and "Graffiti".

- Need something quick and cute that will last all spring? Snag an Old Navy tank top in "Green Empress". While you're at it, grab one in "Blue Corsica", too -- I'm crazy about that blue. And if you're expecting it to get cold, you could always go for the pointelle sweater instead of the tank.

- Thinking of jewelry? There's always Claire's Accessories for cheap jewelry you can pick up quickly and wear once or twice (or more, if you love it!). Check out the green star earrings or your classic green bead necklace. Granted, everyone else will be wearing green party beads, but if you're in a pinch (!!!), the price ($5.50 for the necklace, $4.50 for the earrings) is right.

- One last option? There's always the MLB Irish baseball cap. While not every team is represented there (like the Red Sox, who are famous for their green caps and uniforms), it's a quick fix... but a bit of a pricey one, especially if you don't plan on wearing it more than once -- how often are you going to wear a $36 baseball cap with shamrocks on it? Still, it's an option, and you may get someone at the bar asking you about your team, so pick wisely if you go this route. (Disclosure: I don't like non-standard baseball cap colors, because then you don't know from across the room what team they're supporting until you are too close and it's too late.)

As for me, I'm wearing lots of green today, including Japanese Green Tea perfume, one of CB I Hate Perfume's green accords. I may have slacked on putting on my green nail polish as planned, but no one's going to be pinching me today!

images from urbandecay.com and oldnavy.com

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