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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Science Fair for February 25th - March 2nd

Did everyone have a great leap year day?

- An interesting look at body types and vintage fashion at liebemarlene vintage.

- PopSugar reports on Blake Lively and Leighton Meester (stars of Gossip Girl) in Vogue! So cute!

- Speaking of Gossip Girl, Mischa Barton is not joining the cast of Gossip Girl despite rumors to the contary. We really just want the OTHER Cooper sister on the show, so this news doesn't bum us out too much. Seriously, Schwartz, please find a way to put Willa Holland on the show.

- Pequitobun talks about some of the problems on Etsy.

- Scrubs might be moving networks to ABC and filming an 18 episode season!

- Susie Bubble muses on more people decorating their heads-- have you noticed an increase in people wear headbands/hair adornments in your town? (Does not count if you know me.)

That's all folks, have a great week!

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