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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Science Fair for March 3rd - 9th

Sorry so late today -- I just got back from the ballet!

We've recently put up an About Us page where you can find out a little more about us, about the blog, and (probably most importantly) how to contact all three of us in one go if you want to say hey through email instead of commenting.

So, with that, here's today's Science Fair!

- The language of perfume from Now Smell This - because we all know I'm not so good at finding the words to write about perfume ("it smells like banana? but maybe it's gardenia?"). But I'm working on it! In addition, I picked up Chandler Burr's The Perfect Scent yesterday at my local bookstore; I'm very much looking forward to sitting down with it.

- Speaking of writing about perfume, one of my new favorite reads is Invisible Magnet. It's a great blog about perfume, and how personal it really is. Plus the two authors are both incredibly funny and incredibly good writers -- they remind me of Jessica and Heather from Go Fug Yourself, but about perfume. The post about being stuck with a bad perfume all day really struck home. I spritzed a perfume I really, really wanted to like yesterday afternoon, decided I don't like it, and I can still smell it on my skin. I don't smell like an erotic dancer on hour eleven, but I definitely know the feeling of "get this off of me already".

- Project Runway ended this week (any opinions, dear readers?), but you can recreate the Project Runway experience with Gridskipper's map of New York a la ProjRun. Please do not stalk Tim Gunn, tempting as it might be.

- Have you heard about the documentary Girls Rock!? I really want to see it. It's about a girls' rock'n'roll camp in the Pacific Northwest where they're taught by female rockers like Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney (hell yes!). Considering that there are only three female-fronted songs in "Rock Band" (what the hell is up with that?), I'm all for more female rockers. I only pray that some day I can go to Ladies Rock Camp.

- I really do love Gala Darling, as she really knows how to tap into things that need to be said, and always expresses herself in such a lovely and positive manner. So her post on being happy and being positive was really something that I needed to read, and really need to share.

- I know Kati has strong feelings about music choice in TV shows, so I think that this post on the history of the song Hallelujah and its constant use in pop culture is fascinating and often hilarious. The entire thing is brilliant ("It gets used in scenes more obviously soundtracked with songs called, say, "We Are In a Hospital And Everyone is Dying Or Facing Difficult Choices.""), but my very favorite line is an aside: "There is an entire paper to be written about the Gilmore Girls teen-drama diaspora, what with all of Rory's boyfriends that have gotten their own shows." Someone needs to write that paper.

Enjoy your week -- it's time to start getting ready for spring!

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hi jeanne! it was lovely meeting you too! i hope you like the jackets...
you are adorable!


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