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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Science Fair for March 24th - 30th

This week's Science Fair is very fashion and beauty heavy, because there have been some awesome posts up and about on these topics this past week, and I've just been saving them left and right for sharing with you!

- From Jezebel, Women Who Love Fashion Are Not Inherently Idiotic. I always love reading the comments on Jezebel, and there are some good ones about women, fashion, feminism, and how there's nothing wrong with being a smart woman who likes to dress fashionably, so don't let anybody make you feel otherwise.

- From Susie Bubble, a collection of favorite tactile moments in clothing. Just reading this post made me happy and want to play with some grosgrain ribbon.

- In the New York Times, the day after I posted my mascara experiment update, they published an article on girls performing science experiments on cosmetics. I really want to try the lipsticked-paper into acetone experiment...

- It seems like everyone is getting ready for weddings! Kati is going to be a maid of honor in her sister's wedding (yay!!), and I've been following EmilyStyle, a San Francisco blogger who's preparing for her wedding! Then Wendy Brandes posted her unique engagement rings. Gorgeous! (Check out her incredible painter's poison ring with watercolors inside!) And since we can't talk about engagement rings without talking about diamonds, she also covered the conflict diamond issue, which, as an April (diamond birthstone) baby, makes me feel a little better.

- Finally, Violet Blue, the famous sex podcaster and San Francisco Chronicle contributer, confronts what it's like to be a woman online when everyone feels they have the right to tear you down for what you look like (guess what? they don't). And her conclusion is that when you step away from the critics and their razor-thin spectrum of beauty, and you appreciate who you are and what you do with your body, that's what's beautiful and sexy: you as you are. And really, isn't it sad that they can't see how beautiful everything and everyone and life itself really is?

So with that, here we go into April, everyone! Spring is here in California; it's lovely and so are you.

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