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Thursday, March 06, 2008

WorkWear Daily for March 6th, 2008

I've had a week of strange proportions, and I mean that in a clothing sense, not in the magnitude of greatness or badness. Today's is one of those oh-lord-do-I-have-anything-clean-to-wear, throw-something-on-and-hope-it-works days. Case in point, see below:

I think I worked it hardcore. What can I say? I just adore the combination of blue and brown, it looks like teddy bears and birthday parties, all warm and safe. Today's experiment turned into a study in shades of brown, but lucky for me, a downward progression of medium to dark brown, going from jacket to pants to shoes.

The blouse is so cute and polka-dotty, which I love. The neckline is slightly troubling due to its low-cut nature, thus necessitating the use of a jacket. All in all, I'm quite pleased with this outfit, it's playful. Sure, the top is low-cut, it peeks out about five inches from under the jacket, as do the sleeves. I like to think that it's charmingly non-matchy-matchy with a fun peek-a-boo of the polka dots.

The real highlight of today's ensemble is the mysterious mass of pearl buttons you see above. They represent a beautiful necklace, made by Camenae Jewelry in California. My father kindly gave it to me for Christmas this year, Mom got a matching one with two strands (obviously, to represent her older age/wisdom). Camenae doesn't have it on their site, but the Button Mosaic collection is very representative of this little dainty darling. It's a string of glass beads and tiny brownish-silver pearls, with a pendant made out of a carved white pearl button in the shape of an upside-down heart and another carved brown shell that looks like a flower. I just adore her simple, almost earthy designs--the Fleur Peche and Deco Oriental carving work reminds me of tiny netsuke, very Californian, very close to nature.

Image from polyvore.com

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addicted said...

i love brown and blue together too!

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