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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to Brunette from Blonde... and a bit o' Redhead!

It's coming up on almost nine months since I initially went blonde back in May, and I'm transitioning back to brunette. My last haircut (in November, so I am super-shaggy), I asked my hairstylist to get to work at cutting out the blonde. She did about half (there's still some blonde going on in the front half, since it would have been too short had she cut it out), and so my next haircut, scheduled for next week (she was out of town for all of December, thus the super-shaggy), will be the end of the blonde days o' Jeanne.

So when Brunette Blonde Redhead hit counters last week, I went to Brunette... and Redhead. I think I figured out the theory: Brunette eyeshadows are designed for brown eyes (deep navy, creamy gold, olive-green gold) while Redhead shadows are for green eyes (pink, bronze, burgundy-purple). Since I'm a warm-toned nearly-brunette, the cool silvers and greys for Blonde weren't right for this still-blonde-for-now. (Plus I already have a lot of silvers and greys -- I do love 'em!)

That said, I still did pick up one thing from the Blonde section of the display: Strawberry Blonde lipglass (as predicted by Laurie!). I knew I was interested, I tried it on, and I love it. So of course it came home with me too, along with Henna and Deep Shade (Brunette) and French Cuff and Flip (Redhead).

Finally, as you may recall, I always dreamed of being a redhead like Scully or Anne Shirley. I think my experience with being blonde has confirmed that I probably can't go red. I don't think it's a personality thing so much as an upkeep thing -- dark brown roots with bleach-blonde hair is one thing because it looks cool and intentional, but big old roots on a redhead, not so much. Part of the reason why I'm letting the blonde go is that my cousin S., who's now a full-time colorist, does such good work that I can't afford to pay her what she's worth, and she can't afford to give me a discount. Ah, the struggle of living in the big city! And so going red, even if I did decide to go kitchen-sink on it, would be a lot of upkeep that, frankly, I am kind of lazy about. That and I'd want to have long red hair, like Cintia Dicker (note: I will never have hair like Cintia Dicker), and I'm in no hurry to grow my hair long again, as it will look like an upside-down yield sign.

But I do have the magic of Photoshop and widgets! MAC has released a Brunette Blonde Redhead widget where you can upload your face into the various models' hairstyles. So, of course, I needed to have the giant red bouffant. It's so me, right? (Umm. Sure!)

If you're thinking of switching up your hair color soon, what would you pick? Or are you already rocking something new? (I know Kati is!) And let's see your widget photos if you have them!

images from maccosmetics.com and sproutmixer.com


Laurie said...

This collection was fun!

I dabbled across hair colors - I have brown hair but light blue eyes. I liked Top Knot and Henna a lot and the Blonde MSF. It's so pretty. The Redhead version was calling my name too:)

Jeanne said...

Hi Laurie!

I agree -- I love these kinds of collections! I didn't pick up any of the MSFs because, um, I have a huge collection of them already...

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