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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Jeanne's top post picks of '08!

Yes, it's all retrospective around here lately! Here's a list of twelve of my favorite posts from 2008!

January: It's got to be the original steampunk boots post. Yes, I'm going to do another one! So don't you worry!

February: Soon the daphne's going to be blooming again, and so I'm thinking of nymph-chasing again. (Still haven't found that perfect daphne perfume...)

March: For a great post that all three of us contributed to, it has to be the top ten basics.

April: April was my first trip to Sephora University, so it makes the list!

May: May is when I went through my biggest change: going platinum blonde.

June: Only at PeriodicStyle will a product review feature LOLcats. (Well, maybe not only PS, but...)

July: I'm not only picking my own posts, yo: Kati wrote a bikini post about how dumb it is that bikinis go on sale at the end of June... right when summer's still just getting started.

August: And I loved the photo/Polyvore Karen put together for this post on heel heights. I would like all of those shoes, please and thank you.

September: Man, it is hard to choose what I love more: dinosaurs or nail polish, so I'm linking both.

October: Next year I'm definitely gathering up Etsy Halloween costume pieces and ideas much earlier...

November: We started up with our gift guides much earlier this year, and our first one, handmade and homemade gift ideas, was a fun post to put together with Karen. (I didn't wind up knitting anything for anyone this past Christmas, which was good.)

December: Yeah, December was kind of a sparse month for posting for us, since we were all so super-busy, but Karen and I managed to put together another gift guide, this time for dudes and such. (My subtitle for it is "Dudes And Other People Who Like DVDs and Books".) Also, soap stache.

All right, now you tell me -- what post of '08 do you think I should have included on this list? And, if you think there's a particular post that you really like (future or past), please go ahead and click one of the "add to kirtsy" or "stumble it" links at the bottom of our posts to share it!

We <3 you! xoxo

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