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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Science Fair for January 12th - 18th

Here's a quick little Science Fair this week -- I have to be helping at the Jonathan Coulton show in San Francisco tonight (woooo!)

- You may have seen this in the New York Times -- the 826 Project has published a book of letters to President-Elect Obama written by kids in the 826 Project all over the US. And if you're in the area, there will be a reading by the San Francisco participants at 826 Valencia this Wednesday at 6 pm.

- I've been devouring the Today in San Francisco History posts at SFist, and so I'm thrilled to discover that they're all written by Richard of Sparkletack.com - the San Francisco history podcast. Awesome! I love it so much.

- I totally dig the aesthetics of Haute Macabre, which Gala Darling has been contributing to. Gorgeous gothic eye candy.

- Finally, I'm not going to Fashion Week next month because a. I don't really think I can afford it and b. New York in February oh my god my little California constitution would wither and die. But as always, Sarah of StyleIT is the best resource, and she's created a whole subsite for her Fashion Week posts and information. Seriously, if you're considering going to any Fashion Week, Sarah's got the scoop.

Have a great, great week!

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