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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Science Fair for January 19-25th

It's been a rainy, drab week here in California. The Obama inauguration was truly the highlight of an otherwise dreary January, we're all as excited as punch for a fabulous next four (eight!) years. For this week's Science Fair, here's a nice, tall pour of some interesting news you might have missed:

-An amateur historian believes he may have discovered the real-life inspiration for the character of Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest: an exiled earl who dressed as the devil and tried to prevent King James VI's coronation. That was the good ol' days, when believing in the occult got you exiled for life and you end up dying penniless, far from home!

-Scientists believe they have discovered how the original Italian Job could have been pulled off. Sir Michael Caine is, of course, tremendously excited by the prospect.

-I will admit to being quite surprised by the title of the next tidbit, Pigeon girl's quest for fanciers". My first thought was reminiscing about the days when Kids in the Hall was on every day after school, and the Chicken Lady (warning: link NSFW, sort of). Fortunately, this little girl in the UK just wants other kids her age to enjoy her hobby: pigeons. We here at Periodic Style HQ love our pet birds, too!

-Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly "intrigued" by the phenomenon of crop circles in the UK, and has written personal correspondence to that effect. Oh, sweet memories of sleepovers with so many episodes of the X-Files! If only we had known that QE2 was a fan as well, we would have felt so special.

-Coming up, keep an eye on our various giveaways to benefit our little buddy, Rusty the dog! They'll be going on until next week and you could win loads of lovely things from our friends at Etsy!

-I'll be traveling next month to China (maybe), San Diego (definitely), and Las Vegas (probably) on business and need advice! I've been all over the West and East Coasts plus East Asia, but not to China for at least twenty years. Things have probably changed since I was, you know, a little girl in pigtails. I'm also on the lookout for a lovely leather overnight bag for travel purposes. Business only, of course.

Have a great week, everyone, here's hoping your skies are clear and your inaugural ceremonies fabulous!

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