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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Giveaway for Rusty #2 - happyhound

Our second Etsy giveaway is brought to you by happyhound, which features beautiful gift tags with antique-inspired images of all sorts of dogs, as well as homemade organic doggie treats!

The prize in this giveaway are two sets of 12 tags -- a set of custom antique engraving tags featuring dogs and other Victorian images, and a set of love/heart engravings.

Without further ado, here are five questions with the artist!

1. Tell us a little more about you and your shop!

I am a new Etsy seller that is currently selling Custom Gift Tags with an emphasis on doggie related themes. I have also done several custom orders for dogs and their owners! I will be adding new items in the next several weeks.

2. What are some of your favorite materials to work with?

My tags are cardstock with satin or raffia tags. I put a special emphasis on packaging as many of my items make great gifts.

3. What is your key inspiration for your work?

My inspiration comes from my Italian Greyhound, Winston, my heart dog who provides daily inspiration with his goofy, gentle and sweet nature. (Jeanne: I love Italian Greyhounds!)

4. What's your favorite item in your shop?

Probably the Organic Cheesy Sunflower Seed Cranberry Oat Wheat Free Cookies. I don't like all of the unnatural fillers and ingredients found in storebought cookies. I want only the best for Winston, and make these wheat free biscuits with only the freshest, organic ingredients for his continued good health.

5. Name three of your favorite Etsy shops!


Thank you so much, happyhound! Here are the rules if you'd like to win these beautiful tags...

- To enter the giveaway, please visit happyhound.etsy.com, then comment to this post with your favorite item.
- For every $2 donation you make using the PayPal button in this post, you'll receive another entry in the happyhound giveaway! You don't have to donate to win, but your odds increase!
- This giveaway will close at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern on Saturday, January 24th Friday, January 30th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, January 31st.

images from happyhound.etsy.com


Stacie said...

Pug Tags from Victorian Engravings for Gifts or Scrapbooking Set of Ten are my favourite.

valerie2350 said...

I like the Thirteen (13) Victorian Engraving Gift or Scrapbooking Tags - lots of cute stuff :)

MJ said...

I love the Pugs!

Joy said...

13 Victorian Engraving Gift or Scrapbooking Tags, definitely!


Linda and Greg said...

Love the VAlentines/Wedding tags! Thanks so much!!

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